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We’re hiring a research assistant!

Research/Laboratory Assistant

Job Overview: The research assistant will be involved in ongoing NIH-funded projects in the field of neuroHIV and neuroprotection, and additional collaborative studies in oncology. The successful candidate will have expertise in both cellular/molecular biology techniques and small animal in vivo models. They are also expected to facilitate teamwork and ensure proper function of the laboratory. Highly experienced candidates can be considered for a lab manager role.

Qualifications: Post-Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline and some previous hands-on research experience.

Applicants at different levels of expertise will be considered, though the ideal candidate would have technical skills in one or more of the following areas: traditional and modern techniques of cellular and molecular biology (preferably neurobiology), histology, microscopy and cellular imaging, and/or small animal models for the study of CNS disorders. Some previous experience in the fields of cell biology and HIV neuropathology, human brain tissue analysis, or familiarity with primary neuronal cultures, is preferred – along with self-motivation, commitment to success and innovation, and exceptional organization skills.

Essential Functions: Performs standard laboratory procedures. Assists with and/or independently conducts experiments. Analyzes and reports experimental data. Complies with lab safety and regulatory protocols. Tracks and orders supplies. Organizes supplies, materials, and equipment, and sets up equipment for use. Additional tasks include: help with literature search, preparation of material for presentations, technical training of new students, maintenance/update of lab protocols, participation to lab meetings.

Supplemental Position Information: This is full-time research assistant position available immediately, for a minimum of 1 year. The successful candidate can eventually transition to a senior position (i.e. senior lab technician/lab manager), and is encouraged to become a stable, integral part of the laboratory.

Please contact Dr. Olimpia Meucci (om29@drexel.edu), if interested in this opening.DUCOM logo