We’re hiring a postdoc!

neuronDescription: This position is for a post-doctoral researcher with extensive experience in neurobiology, neuroimmune pharmacology, and translational neuroscience eager to contribute to the overall mission of the lab with creativity and passion. This individual will be involved in ongoing NIH-funded projects in the field of neuroHIV, neuroprotection, and drug abuse, which require expertise in both cellular/molecular neurobiology techniques and small animal in vivo models. The experienced researcher is expected to facilitate teamwork, participate in the training of graduate students, and ultimately enhance the research potential of the whole group.


Qualifications: PhD (or MD/PhD) or equivalent doctoral degree is required.

At least 3 years’ experience in a neurobiology or translational neuroscience setting.

Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

Time management and organization skills.two neuron

Highest work ethic standards.


Candidates should have extensive experience in traditional and modern techniques of cellular and molecular neurobiology, histology, microscopy/cellular imaging, and use of small animal models to study CNS disorders. Ideal candidates will have experience in techniques including electrophysiology, multi-electrode arrays, and/or in vivo imaging. Candidates will be able to keep up with, and implement, the many emerging technical innovations in the field of neuroscience. Previous experience in the field of HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders is a plus, along with familiarity with primary neuronal cultures and brain tissue processing, self-motivation, commitment to success and innovation, and exceptional organization and communication skills.  Opportunities for career advancement are available.


Contact: Please contact Dr. Olimpia Meucci (om29@drexel.edu) for additional information.